Pamela Jane Rogers | Visual Artist & Author
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Explore Fine Art

With an American Artist living on the Greek island of Poros.

Her work is included in corporate and private collections in the US, the Far East and Europe, including the British Royal Collection.

Experience Fine Art

Pamela’s paintings, workshops, writings and travels

  • Porfolio


    Original paintings and limited edition prints. Contact the artist.

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  • Exhibitions & Awards

    Exhibitions & Awards

    'This artist had to deal with a reflected surface, fractured image..This was the hardest painting in the exhibit to pull off...and she did it. This artist struggled and won!

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  • Collect Art

    Collect Art

    Representation Galleries

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  • Commissioning Paintings

    Commissioning Paintings

    Write to Pamela with your details..

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  • Pamela

    Pamela's Book

    'GREEKSCAPES Journeys with an Artist' has been re-released as a memoir featuring illustrations of her paintings.

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  • Artist Tours & Workshops

    Artist Tours & Workshops

    Join Pamela: discover new cultures, share your experiences and meet new people!

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Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations.

Paul Cezanne