Pamela Jane Rogers | Greekscapes – A Travel Memoir
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Greekscapes – A Travel Memoir

“GREEKSCAPES Illustrated Journeys With An Artist”

A Memoir

“The Fates are inexhaustible in their creativity!  On reflection of my past, despite the rough patches, they patiently tinted the threads of my sails with Χάρις  (Ha’ris),  the joyous love that surpasses others on its journey beyond my brief human existence. 

I’ve grown to trust them with directing my personal odyssey. Whenever Atropos makes the final snip, I’ll accept my voyage into that unknown as another adventure.


Until then I invite you to discover the delights of basking in the sunshine, painting, visiting ancient sites, exploring caves, riding around mountains, swimming in pristine seas, meeting the glorious Greeks and Grecophiles, and relishing the inestimable fine qualities and traditions of life and love  in Ελλάδα (Eh lah’ tha).


There are many natural life-enhancing potions here now, and more are waiting to be discovered.  Literally and figuratively, truth is waiting just below the surface for those who want to dig deeper.” 



Book Inception

Message from the author:

I had always loved Art, yet I allowed myself to be sidetracked too often when I was young and then continued making decisions that denied the creative life I still yearned for after I was married.

After twelve years of trying to have a baby by doing everything possible, including the impossible “try not to think about it”, and throwing myself into interior design work suggested by my mother-in-law, my depression was growing.

Only my abstract paintings implored me to look inside myself to release my emotional stalemate. What I found was not always pleasant, but my persistent search with art finally led to a brilliant painting mentor. With her guidance, new hope arrived for my art and my life. Longing to paint in Provence from my earliest childhood memories, I finally had the opportunity!


But instead of France, I wound up on a flight to Greece asking myself, “What in the world can I paint here?”  The answer soon came, and an epiphany in an olive grove gave me the knowledge required to change my life. But to leave my marriage and everything I’d known, move to a foreign country to paint – and face possible failure and poverty?

It could have been a colossal mistake to believe that a middle-aged woman with minimal resources like myself could manage to live her dream but it was certainly worth a try… and I’m still living it.

My memoir was written to extoll the virtues of my adopted country of Greece, and as an example of how one woman’s life became enchanted to fulfillment by simply following her heart. I hope my story will inspire readers to follow their own paths to personal enlightenment.