Pamela Jane Rogers | Commissioning Paintings
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Commissioning Paintings

Commissioning Paintings

Custom art and commissioned oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings


from renowned Visual Artist Pamela Jane Rogers


can be created for you!
Pamela has been commissioned to paint many works of art through the years and will be happy to create one for your home or office.

When it comes to art, ¬†everyone has different perceptions and interpretations! However, each commissioned painting Pamela creates is uniquely tailored to her clients’ requests.

Together you will discuss your vision and what you wish to emphasize in the painting, such as the style, ambiance or the personality of the subject, the size of the painting or another feature you wish – including the time schedule for completion.


She usually works with oil or acrylic on canvas for large paintings, and watercolor on paper for sizes up to 15 x 22″.¬†She has painted a large variety of subjects including animals, landscapes, seascapes, and portraits – some of which may be seen in the Portfolio section.


For more information on her commissioned paintings write to Pamela Jane Rogers.