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Greek Independence Day

25 Mar Greek Independence Day

Excerpt from my book GREEKSCAPES Illustrated Journeys with an Artist:

“On  March  25th I  joined  the  celebration at the harbor for the Greek Independence day parade. The Navy band marching, the priest, Mayor and other  island  dignitaries speaking, parents and grandparents proudly lining up with their cameras on both sides of the  main  square  as  the  youngest children reciting poems in  their  adorable  voices  before they march  in the parade. It’s one of only two non-religious festivals in Greece, and I was happy to  be  able  to  make  a  small watercolor inspired by a little girl and boy holding hands and small Greek flags as they passed  me. Maria recognized them in the painting as one of the taverna owner’s children.

I’m painting most every day on Poros and I also take the ferry to nearby Hydra, where I ignore the yachts. It’s still not the island for me, and yet  it  does have its own charm and definitely beautiful mansions with stunning gardens. Evidently the first day I was there, the Fates were at work to send me back to Poros. Since then I’ve only met fine people on Hydra, and I haven’t seen any more accidents with the working donkeys. Island life agrees with me, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m single, or if this culture simply suits me. I think it may be both.”


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